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Sol Pelicano

Sol Pelicano star star star star

Enjoy with your family of the All Inclusive Sol Pelícano hotel. Located in an unequal place in Cayo Largo del Sur. Having splendid beaches, is the perfect destination for the lovers of diving and nature. The ideal place to enjoy altogether.

Los Jazmines

Los Jazmines star star star

Set as a lookout on the edge of Viñales Valley, this hotel is an architectural piece of exquisite touch where everything is provided for the enjoyment of this unique and natural scenery.

La Ermita

La Ermita star star star

The hotel is located in the outskirts of Viñales town offering and excellent view of the valley. It`s a guarantee of relaxation after a day of enjoyment of the local nature.

María La Gorda

María La Gorda star star star

The hotel is located in the westernmost part of Cuba in the nature reservoir of Cabo Corrientes. It`s a diving center preferred for the beauty of the coast seabed, vegetation, fauna and the most beautiful sunsets.


Moka star star star star

La Moka hotel is a part of Las Terrazas tourist complex. It´s located at just 45minutes from Havana in a zone of mountains and forest with a sight to a little valley with a lagoon and it´s also surrounded by a community of settlers.

Villa Cabo de San Antonio

Villa Cabo de San Antonio star star star

Villa Cabo de San Antonio is located in the northwest edge of Guanahacabibes peninsula, just 3 km. away from the solid stone where the Roncali light- house rises up, surrounded by an exuberant vegetation and the sea.

Hotel Playa Blanca

Hotel Playa Blanca star star star star star

The hotel is located right on the edge of the beach, surrounded by a lush and beautiful palm trees and just a few meters away from the fascinating coral reefs. It`s decorated with numerous painting and handicrafts from famous local artist.

Aguas Claras

Aguas Claras star star

Villa Aguas Claras is located in the road to Viñales valley. It´s a modern resort with comfortable cabins in a natural environment in which since the early, you can listen the birds singing and and breathe the fresh scent that comes from the pine woods.

Rancho San Vicente

Rancho San Vicente star star star

Rancho San Vicente hotel is remarkable for the proximity to the “Cueva del Indio” and “Abra de Ancón”. The waters of the San Vicente river are mineral-medicinal and hypothermal. The Flora and the fauna can be seen from the hotel.

Villa Soroa

Villa Soroa star star star

Among the mountains, rivers and valleys it`s located this natural spot in Sierra del Rosario, a biosphere reservoir. It`s ideal for the lovers of the nature. The place is famous due to its 21 meters waterfall and the biggest orchid gardens in Cuba.

Sol Cayo Largo

Sol Cayo Largo star star star star

In the paradisiacal surrounding of Cayo Largo, in Cuba´s south, Sol Cayo Largo del Sur hotel rises up. Located in front of a beautiful beach, this facility is ideal for your wedding celebration, honeymoon or the votes renewal.

Gran Caribe Club Cayo Largo

Gran Caribe Club Cayo Largo star star star star

The Club Cayo largo del Sur is located in the namesake key. The clear waters and the beautiful seabed will delight every visitor that arrive there.


Colony star star star

The Colony hotel is located in Siguanea bay. This colourful hotel built in the 50´s, rises up in a paradise beach in Cuba’s south. The guests can enjoy over there of the amenities that offers the Diving International Center.

Motel Rancho el Tesoro

Motel Rancho el Tesoro star star

Rancho del Tesoro hotel is locatedin a very peaceful area near Nueva Gerona city, in the special municipality of the Isle of Youth, at 150 km. approximately from Havana city.

Villa Isla de la Juventud

Villa Isla de la Juventud star star

This hotel is located in a picturesque and peaceful environment. It offers a variety of excursions and recreational activities, visits to historical places like “Presidio Modelo” besides the amusement in the noons and nights in its night club.

Pinar del Rio

Pinar del Rio star star star

Just a few minutes from the city downtown, is located this inviting hotel facility with the necessary comfort you need for a good vacations and a personalized service, large rooms and a wide recreational and gastronomic offers.


Vueltabajo star star star

A hotel with a central location in the middle of a nice surrounding, showing its construction from the 19th century. The hotel opens its doors conserving its first colonial airs, which it matches with the requirement of the new times.

Mirador de San Diego

Mirador de San Diego star star star

In the comforting and peaceful environment of Sierra del Rosario Biosphere Reservoir, is located Mirador hotel. Next to San Diego de los Baños medicinal mineral Spa with also a wide variety of a local flora and fauna.

Cayo Levisa

Cayo Levisa star star star

It`s a lodging that takes advantages of the privilege environment of this key, being a fancy for the nautical sports lovers, The beach has 5 km of extension with 23 diving areas in the platform where a lot of coral formation can be seen.

Villa Marinera

Villa Marinera star star star

Villa Marinera hotel is located at the beach, in the paradisiacal tourism destination of Cayo Largo del Sur, having excellent conditions for practicing nautical sports and to enjoy of the nature. It´s highly recommended for the diving lovers.